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This book is an essential reading for all road-users in England, Scotland and Wales. This current edition of the only official Highway Code contains the very latest rules of the road. Many of these rules are legal requirements and must be adhered to, in order to avoid penalty - fines, penalty points, disqualification or even prison.

The latest rules include a reference to the legislation that creates the offence. "The Official Highway Code" reflects the most up-to-date legislation that road-users must adhere to, advice on road safety and best practice. "The Official Highway Code" is meant for life and not just for learners.

For over 75 years, "The Highway Code" has been the official guide to using the roads safely and legally. It has contributed enormously to road safety and reliable road transport. However, every day, on average around seven people are killed and around 70 are seriously injured in road collisions.

So it is as important as ever that all road users, including drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians, should update their knowledge of The Highway Code.

It includes key features such as: latest rules - revised in 2007; a section on rules for users of powered wheelchairs and powered scooters; a Safety Code for New Drivers, giving advice to help newly qualified drivers get through the first twelve months after passing the driving test, when they are most vulnerable, as safely as possible; latest legislation that has been introduced on subjects such as vehicle emissions and smoking in vehicles that are workplaces; and information about stopping/directing powers that have been given to VOSA officers and Highways Agency Traffic Officers.

It also includes: information about the latest road initiatives of which people might not be aware (High occupancy vehicle lanes, Home Zones and Quiet Lanes, Active Traffic Management Schemes); emphasis on courtesy, attitude, awareness, and consideration of other road users, particularly those more vulnerable; and information for all road users on how they should act or react in a variety of situations.

Much of the advice in "The Highway Code" has changed and evolved over time by necessity. The basic advice in a "Highway Code" of 30 years ago may not be applicable today, given increased traffic volumes; larger, faster vehicles; more complex road layouts; updated/new road signage and markings; and many other factors.

All road users have a responsibility to ensure their knowledge is updated, in order to adjust their awareness and actions appropriately, for the benefit of others and for their own safety. As it says in the introduction to the Code - 'Cutting the number of deaths and injuries that occur on our roads every day is a responsibility we all share'.


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Driving Standards Agency (DSA)

This comprehensive guide provides you with everything you need to know to learn and maintain safe driving skills for life. For learners, experienced motorists, professional drivers and instructors alike.

This NEW edition includes details on independent driving, additional information on emergency diversions and travelling through road works, advice on overtaking slow-moving vehicles, plus other key revisions.

  • Provides the source material for car and driving instructor theory tests (along with The Official Highway Code and Know Your Traffic Signs) - study this material to prepare fully for your test

  • Driving Essential Skills is referenced throughout the latest DSA theory test titles for car drivers

  • Includes essential driving techniques, including manoeuvring and defensive driving

  • Offers advice on driving on motorways, driving at dusk, at night and in all-weather conditions including fog, snow and ice

  • Provides information on travelling through road works, including what to do if you break down

  • Explains emergency diversion routes

  • Includes details about the independent driving part of the practical test

  • Plus what to do in an accident or emergency, ecodriving and the environment, vehicle maintenance and security, towing a trailer and European driving

  • Also includes a chapter devoted to taxi drivers

ISBN: 9780115531347

Published: 18 Oct 2010


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